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About Ontario Orchard Supply
Ontario Orchard Supply began in 2004 when the owner, Chris Hedges began planting orchard in Vanessa, Ontario.
Today, we grow over 150 acres of newer orchard and are your source for up to date products and knowledge to get your orchard off to the right start.  We tour the world visiting orchards to keep you on the cutting edge of tree tying supplies, tree holders, branch benders, and rabbit and tree guards.

What began as a business selling posts, has evolved to a full service orchard supply warehouse. While we may once have been known as your supplier for lodgepole pine posts, our customers are well aware that the availability of this product has become limited in the last two years. Much like the industry moved from steel conduit posts and a single wire, we've evolved to be your source of posts of many wood species and can also offer our customers the choice of manufactured concrete posts if they desire. Concrete posts are pre-stressed and are perfect in longer lengths for newer hail netted orchards.  Why wait all season for your posts to arrive when you can order what you need from a factory. With the investment taken in today's modern orchards we could no longer keep our customers waiting for product with the amount of money growers had already laid out on plantings.

Why Choose Us
As owners of orchards ourselves, we understand your needs. When choosing a source of trellis supplies for your orchard, consider the source with the knowledge and experience. Ontario Orchard Supply.

More About Chris

Chris Hedges was born in Simcoe, Ontario and is a first generation apple farmer. He spent his summers in school working on farms, and after completing an economics and finance degree, began farming at Windham Centre in 1998. The original orchards are almost all gone now and have been replaced with newer, higher density orchards of either a vertical axe or tall spindle format.

Today, the original 20 acres that we started with has grown to over 100. Chris sat on the board of the Ontario Apple Growers from 2005 through to 2012 and today sits on the board of The International Fruit Tree Association. Recently, Chris was awarded the 2012 Ontario Golden Apple Award.

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